Important Things that You Need to Know About a Keynote Speaker

Dictionaries define a keynote speaker as someone who delivers a speech or talks about important issues regarding a certain event or convention, like graduation or commencement ceremonies. A keynote speaker is considered to be the moderator or heart of the program because he discusses the main topic and agenda. That’s why in conducting an event, especially corporate or business conventions, a speaker is very important.

The audience will get the main idea and purpose of the event from the speaker. That’s why keynote speakers earn more than other professional speakers because of their significance and important role in an event. Some even refer to them as “the icing on the cake”.

On the Difference

Generally, people consider a keynote speaker as the one who delivers a speech or talks to the audience for more or less an hour. Many of them confuse keynote speakers with other kinds of speakers. Some even tend to use these terms interchangeably. Actually, any speaker can deliver a keynote. The only difference is that a keynote speaker is required to do research about the event’s industry, issues, and most of all audience. He or she needs to capture and highlight the very essence of the event or convention in his or her speech.

Aside from this, such a professional must also deliver the speech in a captivating and interesting way so that everyone will pay attention and get the information they need to know. So, if you are asked to deliver a keynote speech by a certain organization, see to it first that they’re really looking for someone who’ll deliver the keynote. They might be referring to a simple inspirational speech or an educational speech.

Audience’s Interests

Before you aim to deliver your keynote speech with flying colors, you have to consider first the important facts and ideas about your topic. Know your client’s purpose so that you would know what to research and study. Be familiar with the organization and event’s important information, issues, and agenda. This will help you in writing your speech as well as finding the resources that can be of use to you. After brainstorming and drafting your speech, you can now think or come up with the ideas on how to make the delivery of your speech appealing and interesting.

speakerThere are so many ways and approaches in capturing the audience’s attention and interest. You, as a speaker, can use humor and integrate it into audience participation, video clips, literary stories, and even short intermission numbers that you could do well without seeking help from others (like singing or dancing). You have to deliver the message of an event or program in a cool and memorable way. Make your presentations unique and interesting so that everyone will listen to every word that comes out of your mouth.

Informative Speeches

A Keynote speech must be full of significant and important information that are enough to raise the audience’s interests. It must specify the purpose or theme of an organization, special challenges that the organization is facing, and recent accomplishments. Keen research is very important because it can help you develop or create an informative speech. Always remember that a speaker must deliver factual and accurate information, which the audience won’t be hesitant to share with others.

Being a keynote speaker is obviously not easy. You need to do extensive research and brainstorming. Also, it is a two-way interaction because you need to make your audience relate to your ideas. You have to educate and enlighten them in an interesting and fun way. That’s the reason why keynote speakers are well-paid.

HCG – The Hormone that Sustains and Enriches Life

Human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG, is a hormone that plays a vital role in the development of a new life by maintaining equilibrium in a woman’s body, proactively initiating processes to ensure the viability of the embryo.

It stimulates the release of progesterone by maintaining and acting on the corpus luteum, a temporary ovarian gland. Progesterone maintains the uterine lining and prepares the womb for implantation. HCG stimulates increased blood circulation to the uterus and helps prepare the endometrium, re-shaping and enriching it with capillaries and blood vessels and you can also get more information about HCG plan visit  HCG promotes cell-to-cell communication through tube-like gap junctions or cellular channels which permit materials to pass directly from one cell to another, allowing the embryo to safely and firmly fuse with the uterus.

The series of cell divisions occurring shortly after conception create a hollow ball, which is identified as a blastocyst. The outer layer of the blastocyst, called syncytiotrophoblast, produces the HCG hormone on or around the 5th day of gestation and eventually forms part of the placenta. The inner mass goes on to the uterus to form the fetal tissues.

hcg dietThe presence of HCG can be detected in routine pregnancy tests 7-9 days after conception, around which time the embryo will have started binding and implanting itself in the womb. HCG enters the bloodstream in escalating gushes every 2 or 3 days as the developing embryo is nurtured by the developing placenta. As the pregnancy progresses to its 6th week, HCG secretion will reach its peak and HCG levels will start to drop considerably until almost negligible. At this point, test substances can still detect its reduced presence. On the 12th week of pregnancy, the placenta is ready to assume the production of progesterone and nourishment of the baby, and ceases to release HCG.

HCG has also been linked to the strong immunity of the baby on its first few months, protecting the child from contracting highly-transmissible diseases acquired by the mother.
In modern fertility clinics, HCG is used to induce successful pregnancy using in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI). HCG, acting with other gonadotrophins, stimulates ovulation. Singly, it promotes the release of mature and healthy eggs from the ovary.

In IVF procedures, HCG preparation is given to induce the ovaries to allow many eggs to develop and mature. Once ready, the eggs are surgically withdrawn, injected with sperm cell in a laboratory, and allowed to develop for a few days before being injected into the uterus for implantation. In IUI, an active sperm is injected directly inside the uterus, improving the chances of successful fertilization. This process only takes less than 5 minute to perform and is usually performed within 24-36 hours after HCG injection. Intrauterine insemination may be advised if the woman is anovulant, or if there are other issues like difficulty in ejaculating semen, inadequate sperm count, constricted cervical entry, or other unexplained conditions.

In men, LH and HCG are used to stimulate the production of testosterone, the male hormone responsible for promoting the normal functioning of male reproductive organs and the development of secondary sexual attributes. HCG is also used in the treatment of underdeveloped male organs.

Test kits containing hCG-reacting substances are used to validate pregnancy. Pregnancy tests may either use blood or urine samples to check the presence of the HCG hormone.

Screening of Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities, as well as estimating the age of the fetus, are done by performing HCG quantitative tests.

There are other conditions that can cause the rise in HCG amounts in the body in the absence of pregnancy. Teratoma, testicular cancer, hydatidiform moles, seminoma, and germ cell tumors are some of the disorders that can cause the elevated HCG levels in the bloodstream. HCG testing may be utilized as indicator of the presence and progress of abnormal cell growths.

The potential application of HCG in cancer treatment is still in its testing phase but earlier clinical trials involving mice has shown that it has caused cancer cell apoptosis when injected on breast cancer cells.

HCG has been used and disabused in sports medicine because of its LH like properties and action mechanisms. It is usually combined with androgenic anabolic steroids to help in body building, bulking, and muscle development. It is banned in some sports because of its performance-enhancing properties.

HCG is a strong acting hormone that has been shown to stimulate the hypothalamus to secrete toxins and unhealthy fats from the body.

Dr. A.T.W.Simeons, a British endocrinologist, was the first to identify HCG’s role in the treatment of obesity when a low dosage of the Hormone was administered along with a highly restrictive calorie diet in a study he conducted in the early 1950s. His research showed that HCG can program the hypothalamus to release unwanted fats trapped in the body for use as energy to compensate for the depleted food consumption, allowing the body to lose 1-2 pounds daily. He used the findings as the basis for developing the HCG Diet Protocol which involves 500-calorie daily food consumption and 125 IU of HCG per day, a very low dosage compared to the volume secreted during pregnancy. The introduction of the HCG in the body at this level should not be a cause for raising undue alarm for false pregnancy or tumor incursion.

Today’s popular HCG Diet Protocols are based on the diet program prepared by Dr. Simeons, with some refinement over the years.

Our HCG Diet Protocol is a much improved, safer, more affordable, and more convenient version of Dr. Simeons’ diet program. We have eliminated major side effects associated with HCG injection methods by developing HCG Drops, and fortified the formula with more amino acids using our proprietary blend. Our program is easy to follow and sustainable so you can lose those unsightly fats fast and keep them off permanently.

Making Your Own Custom Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a medallion that bears theinsignia or emblem of an organization’s insignia or emblem. They are carried by members as proof of membership. These small coins are also meant toboost morale. An attractive challenge coin is a boost to a group’s morale and an attractive and unique piece of the organization’s history.

Designing your own custom is not easy. In fact, it can be a very difficult task, even more so if this is the first time that you will be making it on your own. It is not enough to think of the perfect insignia and then draw it on paper. Heck, even on paper, it might not turn out how you thought it would. However, with a bit of care and planning, your group can have a reasonably priced, interesting, and unique piece of history you can all carry and keep.

Custom Challenge CoinsYou need to have a keen eye for art when designing your own challenge. Enrolling in an art class to learn how to create beautiful challenge coin designs. Behind it all, creativity is paramount in making the perfect custom challenge .

When thinking about the design for the emblem you are going to mint on your challenge , you should focus on essential elements like its theme, symbolism, style, color, and its uniqueness. The coin is going to represent your team or organization. It needs to include your organization’s name or motto (if you have one) on the custom .

Your group’s emblem must also reflect the theme that you have agreed on. Think thoroughly about the lettering, the symbols, plain or 3D, and every little detail that you want to appear in your custom . And that’s just the emblem. Minting the coin is a different process altogether.

The first step is to get metal sheets that meet the desired thickness that you want for your coins. Buying sheets metal means that you can skip having to melt metal down to create the sheets.

For the minting process to begin, you will need blanks. You can make blanks by cutting out coin-shaped pieces of metal from the metal sheets. These blanks will then be placed into a stamp that imprints the images that are carved in reverse to create the design of the challenge  into the blanks through pressure.

There is also another way that you can make challenge . This method involves replicating a process that is usually done in modelling. You can make a mould of your coin design from plaster casts carved by hand. With your mould, you can melt metal bars and pour it into the mould to create your custom challenge . The end result will be a coin that is less detailed than the pressed coins anda lot rougher.

Rather than make a challenge coin it will be a lot easier to just buy them. You can also make your own design and have a coin manufacturer mint the coin for you.A lot of countries have companies who make challenge coins. They usually hire people to make certain modifications to the designs as necessary to make sure that the custom challenge  that roll out meet the needs and standards of the customer, as well as meeting the minting requirements. How much it will cost you though is dependent on how many challenge coins you want made.It is cheaper to have challenge coins produced in bulk rather than in small batches.

You can also have some specialty features added to your challenge coins like enameled colors or a bright metallic finish to make your custom challenge  more eye-catching. This will, however, bring up the cost per coin.


Designing your own custom is not easy.

Benefits of lanyards

Lanyards are one of the most common and most ignored inventions. Rarely do people stop and look at the actual benefits to owning and using one of these. This is a type of keychain with a long piece of fabric shaped like a necklace. It holds your keys on one end and the other can be worn on your neck or carried. There are many advantages to a holder for your keys that can be held or worn in this fashion, which is why this in invention is such a popular item for people of all ages.

The first benefit of using one of these is that they are easy to handle. The cloth fabric can be held on to easily without a risk of dropping your keys. This is why people like to swing them around when they carry them. The fabric can also be bunched up in your hand when you want to carry your keys in your hands.

lanyardsIn addition to being easily held, they can also be worn around the neck if you don’t want to hold your keys in your hand, but need them with you. Lanyards are made to be worn around the neck. You can simply toss your keys over your head and you will still have them with you if you need them, but your hands will be free to do whatever you are doing. This is one of the main reasons that people prefer to use them to hold their keys.

This type of keychain, unlike many other types of keychain, is one that can hold a significant amount of weight. Instead of dealing with a cute little bunny or flip flop keychain that won’t hold all your keys, a lanyard will hold an entire set of keys to a building if you have that many to put on your keychain. This way, you won’t have to worry about going through a ton of keychains because they wear out due to the amount of weight that is held on them.

Even though they can hold a lot of weight, these great devices can still fit nearly anywhere. You can put them in your pocket, still, if all of your keys will fit, because of the fact that they are made from a light fabric that can easily be bunched up to fit into a pocket or small area. This makes them even more convenient for people because of their versatility.

These great little objects are also affordable. You won’t be paying an arm and a leg for a designer keychain or anything if you don’t want to. You can purchase them at a local discount store or even a gas station for less than $5. Of course, if you want a more complicated design or a personalized one, you may be looking a little further for it.

On top of all of these benefits, there is one more benefit to the list. Even though it would be easy to assume that something so useful and so versatile is an object that you would not want to be seen with, lanyards are very fashionable. They come in so many different colors and prints that they have become incredibly popular with males and females of all ages. There are literally prints or colors to suit anyone.

These great styles of keychains have countless benefits. They are so convenient and so easy to find that it is no wonder they have become very popular – so popular that you can get them almost anywhere. Lanyards are even incredibly affordable – one invention you will love but won’t pay a ton of money for.

The Basic Process of DIY PCB Fabrication

Designing a simple printed circuit board or PCB for your own personal use is not that difficult. Making one would require a bit more effort, but the process is still pretty easy to follow.

Unlike processes used by big PCB manufacturing companies, the DIY or do-it-yourselfPCB fabrication procedure is more streamlined and the materials you will be using are available at your local hardware.

The first thing you have to consider when trying to create your own PCB is the etching process that you will be implementing. There are four common types of etching butfor DIY PCB fabrication, two methods are recommended and they are acid and UV etching. The other two types, mechanical and laser etchings, are used in large-scale PCB fabrication as they require special devices and machines for them to be implemented properly.

PCB fabricationAfter you have decided whether to use the acid or UV process, it is now time to proceed to making your own PCB. In the step-by-step procedure below, you can find how each process is used so will know how to do both.

Here is the basic process of DIYPCB fabrication:

1. Make the layout of your PCB circuit using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Gone are the days when creating a PCB design was drawn manually. These days, designing is simply done with a computer whose output can be printed accordingly.

2. Prepare a substrate board encrusted with a thin layer of copper on one side (for single-sided PCB) or on both sides (for double-sided PCB) depending on your design.

3. Wash the board with water to make sure that it is free of dirt and dust. Let it dry for a few minutes.

4. If you chose acid etching, print your CAD layout on glossy paper and place it on top of the substrate board. Make sure that you printed your design in the proper orientation as to not reverse your layout.

5. Iron the paper on the copper surface of the substrate board for a few minutes until it sticks firmly.

6. After that, dip the whole board with the joined paper design in hot water for at least 10 minutes. This will soften the paper so you can remove it easily.

7. Pick up the board from the water and gently peel the paper. You should be left with the substrate board imprinted with your PCB design.

8. The next step is dangerous so you should put on a pair of goggles and a face mask.

9. Pour the acid etchant in a large, deep, and non-corrosive container. The most acid used in this process is ferric chloride. Immerse the whole substrate board into the acid and mix every five minutes until all the unwanted copper is etched away.

10. When you see that it is done, lift up the board with plastic tongs and wash it immediately with running water for a few minutes. Make sure that no copper residue is left in the substrate for it to work better.

11. Smoothen it out with a fine sand paper for best quality.

12. If you chose the UV etching process, follow the acid etching process except that instead of using a clothes iron and ferric chloride for etching, simply place the joined printed design and copper-coated board into a UV etching chamber. Turn on the UV machine and set it to the indicated time before taking it out. You will see that your PCB is already perfectly etched afterward.

UV etching is simpler and easier but the actual UV machine may cost you a lot. Acid etching is still the most economical way of making PCB at home. One just have to be careful and wear the proper protective equipment when handling dangerous chemicals.

A Guide to Managers: Employee Engagement Activities

As a manager, one of your greatest challenges is to engage your employees more. Don’t despair if your employee engagement efforts are still not enough — think of it as an opportunity to achieve long-term commitment from your team. Below is a list of employee engagement activities that you can start right away.

  1. Allow your employees to be involved in the business planning process. Every six months, present to your employees the crucial issues and concerns that must be addressed immediately. Allow your employees to plan ahead, assess opportunities, and think of solutions and improvements.
  2. Come up with a sharing system for ideas and knowledge. One of the setbacks of high employee turnover percentage is the loss of valuable information. Establish a mentorship and learning program wherein an experienced employee will be paired with a newly hired employee. A learning framework must be in place and followed.
  3. Encourage your employees to share their skills and knowledge creatively. Assign a team to share their key learning points and project updates to the entire department. Make it a creative and fun session. There could be a theme every month.
  4. Show the money. Present to your employees a few slides about the financial status of the organization every six months or at the end of each year. Show and explain to everyone that the consolidated efforts of each team player helped the company achieve a net income. Set achievable goals for the succeeding months. Make everyone involved in the planning and meeting the objectives of the company.
  5. Provide your employees learning and development opportunities. Set your own training plan for your employees so their growth and development are taken care of. Assess their preferences and needs. Create individual development plans. Provide classes that run for at least two hours, once or twice a week. Make the classes more rewarding and engaging.
  6. Set up your own recreational or mini office Olympics where everyone can have fun and loosen up after a toxic workday. Promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being in a competitive and fun way. Connect with your employees and develop camaraderie. Do not forget capturing these fun moments.
  7. Make employees look forward to the upcoming projects and new opportunities by creating excitement. Communicate regular updates to your staff. Get them excited about what is going to happen. You can do it during general assembly meetings, or through internal newsletters or face-to-face discussions.
  8. Come up with a coaching program for your people. Your role as a manager is crucial: You are the driver of your team. Coach them to make them feel that you really care about their growth and success. Align their personal goals with the strategy of the organization.
  9. Give back to the society. Any act of kindness creates a positive impact and a more optimistic mentality. It fosters loyalty and pride.

Transforming the theories to practice is a really challenge. Employee engagement is beyond application of new ideas to encourage engagement of employees. It also means you need to make your employees understand the vision, mission, core values, overall strategic directions of the company, and also their vital role in the attainment of these.

You need to be clear on the things you want to achieve in your company before you make a list of how you are going to make it possible. Your function as a manager is crucial in planning and defining employee engagement tactics. Keep in mind that whatever employee engagement activity you have, it should be aligned and related to the goals and overall strategy of the company.

Tips in Buying Movable Cubicles

If you find renting a moving truck for your planned transfer to another area very stressful, you can purchase movable cubicles to store your items from your house or office. These are portable storage containers that have various sizes and they can be as huge as semi-trailers or as small as 30 feet which is ideal for house use. This article will tell you about a few tips in purchasing these units.

Prior to buying portable storage unit, there are things to do first. Look for an area outside of your house where you can put this facility. It can be placed conveniently at the side, front or back of your house. As long as the property is yours, there will be no problem at all. There are a number of steps to take before buying a portable storage unit.

Base the size of your desired storage unit on how big is your house or business as well as the things you wish to store inside. These can be office supplies, appliances, furniture or outdoor items.

Call companies that offer movable cubicles in your locality and then get price estimates from them. List down all these companies and their corresponding prices and then compare each one of them. If the quotes do not meet your needs, go online and look for companies that can cater to your needs and are willing to do business with you.

moveablecontainerAfter comparing all the quotes, determine which is suitable for your needs and then call the company for an appointment and for them to drop off your desired storage unit. You can use your credit card as payment so that should a problem arise, the credit card company would be able to help you with them just in case the movable storage unit company cannot solve them. Make sure to keep all documents and receipts so that you can call up the storage company should you desire for them to go to your house and get the unit back once you are through packing and loading it.

Know that you can also rent movable cubicles if you find buying one expensive. Just make sure to review the contract issued by the company before you sign it and make any payment.

These portable storage facilities have been built for various locations and purposes, thus making them versatile. You can use them to store your things or as an on-site office especially during certain projects. Many construction firms use them as offices in an area they are constructing something on.

When you move to another area, these storage units can be so useful because they are portable. You do not have to rent or lease fixed storage and then transport your things to another storage unit. A portable storage unit can be moved easily to your new destination.

Because movable cubicles are made from hard metal and steel and they may have a secure lockbox, your things shall be secure and protected. Natural calamities will not destroy them so your possessions remain clean, dry and unharmed. These containers remain sturdy from water and wind and they have thick doors that will keep away pests, dust and dirt.

When you rent movable cubicles, this is cheaper compared to the usual mini-storage units. The portable storage units are thirty to fifty percent less for every square foot compared to the fees for mini-storage units. You can save more money because the supplier of the container will deliver your things without you paying for additional mileage as well as rental fees on moving vans or trucks. This is also cheaper compared to renting garage space or a storage warehouse to store big things.