3 Reasons You Should Ignore Google For SEO

One of the most dangerous things that you can do online, in terms of your search engine optimization strategy is to focus on just one search engine. Too often, people focus on Google as if it is the only search engine that matters and that’s dangerous territory for many websites. If you want to rank high in only that site, you can do so by following all of their rules, and focusing on just building your site in the way they want you to do so. That will eliminate creativity, content, and a lot of other elements that you will want to work with, but all in the favor of ranking. There are a lot of sites that have page rank 9 or even 10 and get little to no real traffic. If you are working with a seo expert and they aren’t factoring in more than one search engine, you’re missing out on a whole internet of possibilities. There are a few reasons you want to ignore Google, and it starts with finding your voice online.

Google Is A Big Kid, But Not The Only One

Many people bow down to the mighty search engine, because they are the biggest. That means that you’re going to have to compete even harder for the attention that they are giving. That’s ok, but think about the other side of the internet. The online world has other search engines and if you were to focus on them first, you could gain a huge market share that others are ignoring. If your competitors are chasing others within the rankings of the mighty search engine in one spot, wouldn’t you want to be bigger on the other side? For that reason you should focus on other engines and algorithms because you will be able to gain leverage faster. Once you’re #1 on the other side of the search wall, you will be able to placate anything within Google and gain serious market share.

Page Rank Isn’t Everything

seoPeople seek out page rank as if it were 1999. The key factor is that it’s no longer the 90s and you don’t need page rank to get a great deal of success online. Sure, it’s nice to have a high page rank, but if it doesn’t give you any sort of traffic or attention, what’s the point? It’s this type of question that you should be asking yourself as you chase other methods of measuring your site’s reach. You’ll find that if you have a terrible rank, but you’re high up in traffic and attention from all other search engines, you will find that success that you’re seeking. The definition of a successful website doesn’t just mean rank it means so much more. For instance, if you have an ecommerce site, wouldn’t your ultimate success be to sell through inventory? Think about that and you will see why seo takes on a bigger role moving forward.

Google Is A Brat

When you don’t give a spoiled kid what they want, what happens? They throw a tantrum. That’s exactly what happened with many seo professionals early in 2014. Their pages were devalued, deranged and more because they found a loophole within the algorithm that Google set up. They got throw off ranks and listings and their market share dropped. However, they were following the rules, and that’s something that most people don’t realize. If you do one thing bad, you will get pushed out of the way for another site who is waving down the mighty search engine.

In the end, ignoring the large search engine for optimization and content is far better. You will find that you can get your voice heard better if you focus on the message more than the optimization strategy. Stay on your grind and they’ll come around, they have to, and always do.